About 6P

6P Color Inc. is a color science innovation company enabling colors never before seen on any digital screen. Through a patented approach called Full Color Range (FCR)™ system, all colors perceived by humans can now be accurately recorded, sent and displayed.

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Our FCR technology began as a sponsored research project funded by 6P Color, Inc. and conducted at Baylor University by researchers Corey Carbonara Ph.D. and Michael Korpi Ph.D. of the Film and Digital Media Department along with a team of creatives, scientists and engineers including Steven Poster, ASC, Mitch Bogdanowicz Ph.D., Jim DeFilippis and 6P President, Gary Feather.

“There’s no high enough dynamic range of a photo [or display] to capture what the human [eye] can see”
– Reid Weisman | NASA Astronaut

6P Color’s widely patented Full Color Range™(FCR) technologies enables the world’s first backwards-compatible multi-primary color system to expand beyond the constraints of using only three, RGB primaries. With 6P Color’s FCR technology, every digital device on the planet can now be transformed to display more color; and, create experiences that are more natural and realistic than ever possible before.

Every Digital display on the planet can now display expanded colors to experience entertainment like never before.  We enable Color Without Limits™

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For Inquiries and Live Demonstrations:  media@6PColor.com

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